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Will crossfit build muscle?

This is still one of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Crossfit online today, so I figured it would be a great starting point for our Education category.

The short answer is Yes. Crossfit totally builds muscle, it's just not the best way to build the bulkier, bodybuilder type muscle mass. Most Crossfitters still do periodized strength and endurance training introducing metabolic conditioning closer to the games.

So, will you gain muscle mass through Crossfit?

If you're looking for bodybuilder muscle mass, the answer is no. Bodybuilding requires specific exercises and an entire lifestyle to really gain large bulky muscle mass.

If you're more interested in an athletic and powerful physique than bulging muscles however, the Crossfit lifestyle is a great choice to build lean and functional muscle mass.

To achieve the Crossfit look and strength you'll have to apply focus, resources and training time with weights and compound exercises.

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